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Our Mind can pull us away from the present moment. We have the amazing ability to think about things – we have memories, judgments, comparisons, predictions, and the ability to future plan.

The bottom line is that we treat our thoughts as if they are real – as if they are facts. In some cases this is useful (e.g., labeling a table makes it function for us and gives us a shared understanding with other people in the room) so we need to learn how to separate “facts” from other thoughts that may not be so helpful. A table is essentially a concept, similar to a country.

The Defusor helps us during times when we are caught up or fused with our thinking that is unhelpful.

He has the power to Watch Thoughts. He has channeled his power into the creation of a number of Defusion Devices, designed to help those in need to defuse from their thinking.

The Defusor helps us to turn our Mind from an enemy into an ally. We can learn to treat our Mind like a sidekick who is helpful but who also does not make major decisions.